Murmurs From The Well Nothing More

by Palinopsia

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released June 3, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at KTR Recordings by Justin Gonyea.



all rights reserved


Palinopsia Poultney, Vermont


Blackened doom with hardcore roots from Central Western Vermont.

Macaulay Lerman -
Guitar//Low Vox

Will Morse - Drums

Johnny Reiter - Bass

Haydn Smith - Vocals
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Track Name: Three Sisters
a groveling whelp amidst charred bits of bedroom and broken glass chanting his opus and conjuring blots of murk and ectoplasm disrobed and shaking grasping at trails of smoke with battered hands of copper of lead of cold sea brine of days wrapped up in tooth root twine vestiges lined with rot near to you begotten one wander from me fawn who is wanting shed your winter hide and take what you will snag your hooves on wire fences bleat until dry rest beside daughters of lost men and leave in the night paw at murk until form gathers bury it lone dreams of breath heaving and stagnant echoes through an empty room pry my palms from the ashen well and take what you will
Track Name: Silt
a null and lustless substance ruination of the id abstract and cosmic pleasure arched in exhalation formless thick breath pulsing adrift gorged throat devoid of selfhood of god murmurs from the well nothing more theres nothing more silt lining your coated tongue a phantasm fixation sexless and dun you, frail sheet draped hastily rinse and be gone rinse and be gone
Track Name: The Unturned Snare
We had our day beneath the garden tucked between roots and spiteful sun your husband gone your sons still sleeping you bright as a fever burning up a spine all will wonder if you loved them endless thirst succumb to cosmic lust and leech from a soiled well begrime thy hooves none are watching a sisyphus and fed well erode the tooth and nail beget the null and bare all will look upon you and your awful frame with a despair foreboding an unturned snare a maw agape and i’ll sleep easy in my tunneled well with its clotted corners and drowning bells keep past the hedges in your translucent gown lull your sons when they beg it i ask nothing more
Track Name: Morning Hid the Hills
a wash of pale surgence pulsing anew our thatching thawed a grey hazed bloom morning hid the hills neath a veil of a shade gone from my sill a paragon limp in cloth and I survived while the forest burned bark bleating dry, whispers from murk formless, fractured shade of skin crave breath, seek host of lucid kin dwell in gloam born in dusk of past days gleaning archaic name, a stillborn son mothers clinging to the headboard rendered loveless in new blood wake its harvest yearling no colts with broken legs no bleat from aback the shed no frost to clot the panes wake up.
Track Name: Celestial Rift
fevered sweeps of fruitless vistas white as milk and bone dry hairless frames writhing in half sleep lucid limbs uncoiled fixed ruin ridgid nodes crave oblivion meet obsidian crystal walls stained smog black bleh there is no single death a jeremiads slow descent the telling of husk and rind hosts adrift in diaspora a shattered beak caked in loam a narrow mine a starving mouth crave respite and pitless fruit a citrus grove elusive still celestial rift fawns legs hang like moss from bleached trees cavernous vale of sky eyelids thick with sap ears throbbing consumption of throbbing murk looming forest walls pulsating ravenous gloaming tide id not come back this way again